Systems Update History

December 2019 Release

  • Step Chart Update (Wallet Ver2.7)

November 2019 Release

October 2019 Release

September 2019 Release

August 2019 Release(Wallet Ver2.1)

  • Reporting Service Update.
  • Security Update

July 2019 Release(Wallet Ver2.0)

June 2019 Release(Wallet Ver1.4)

  • Security update for API

May 2019 Release(Wallet Ver1.3)

  • Security update for API

April 2019 Release(Wallet Ver1.2)

  • Security update for API

March 2019 Release

  • Reporting Service Update
  • Benefit Program Start
    • 1st Marketing Integrationwith MIYAJIMA 
    • NOTORO hot spring(Okayama) free admission
        based on Genki point

Feb 2019 Release

  • Reporting Service(Integration with for health association or company.)

Jan 2019 Release(Wallet Ver1.1)

  • AirDrop if ETH balance is below 0.008. ETH(Test Net) is used to send GENKI POINT.  
  • Updated Web Wallet Ranking from Top 10 to Top 30
  • Changed Point rule
    Before Change    0.2 point add if steps are more than 6,000.
    After    Change    0.2 point add if steps are more than 8,000.

Dec 2018 Release(Wallet Ver1.0, SmartPhone App ver1.0)

  • Updated Web Wallet Ranking from Top 3 to Top 10
  • Adjustment Genki Point, Stamina Point update logic


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